Friday, December 24, 2010

RuneScape - Let Your Voice be Heard!

RuneScape - Let Your Voice be Heard!

Runescape has the chance to come back to its original state!

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The return of the Old Wilderness

This is not a hoax or some kind of cheap scam to get you to do anything, this is real.
According to this link, posted on the RuneScape website , because of the 1.2 million, yes, MILLION votes within 24 hours, Jagex made a decision to add a “No” and “I don’t mind” option to the poll, and requires you to log in to Runescape.
If you may or may not have known, Runescape was changed in a big way in December of 2007. The removal of free trade and wilderness pking was a huge shock to everyone, and caused mass riots....


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